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The priority list

There is always a priority list that goes along with us. May be it is not that much clear but knowingly or unknowingly we do what we think is important for us. At some point our mind speaks it, the way we do work speaks it out. The reason why it is important to understand is because it is the first and foremost prerequisite to deliver yourself at the panorama of success.

The basic thing and getting it right

Genuine things arise from the cutting edge of imitation, you find your existence when there are certain limitations and unsolved problems, but to reach where you know solutions are ; is a very long journey indeed, that is some point where you will stand, have been through all sort of tricks and knowledge used so far.

The fear of getting lost

Have you ever felt it,

If you understand the reasonable part of this fear, this should be your nightmare, yes getting lost. I know that upcoming time must not be my comfort zone, as it has been the biggest irrelevant logic in bad times, but reverse to normal conditions where we want to stabilize, when you want to earn something really from your heart, your tendency is against the stream and that is going towards uncomfortable zone from comfortable zone, and I fear getting lost in between.

Two types of tasks

Two types of tasks are there:
One you are credited for and one you are not credited for.

One which gives you immediate results and one, which is just a milestone or becomes a base for a task which in future will give you some immediate result. We are after visible results and visible credits, because our life is important.. not for us but for others.

Somebody just starts from one corner and all the way he turns right, sometimes he turns left just keeping in mind that he has to move diagonally and eventually has to reach at the second corner.

Today I discovered

I used to think that the side which I face when I sit at work, always affects my work, then I found that the source of light affects the brightness of laptop lid and changes the way I think.

Some good music and a little tasty food can change the way you percept the world.

Life is beautiful and colourful until you wakeup early in morning, I found it impossible to wakeup early so I waited for the morning whole night and understood the fact that dawn comes after the dark. Let's wake up this night and walk in the street light and find the life even in the sleeping hours.

Some evening time

I want to write about an evening, this is as common as it comes daily but sometimes when I walk towards the temple behind my place, voices coming from this temple distracts me from everything. Life is as simple as the calm scenery around this temple, we worship what we believe. Why faith heals us is just because of devotion, never ever someone wants to be a reason, he devotes everything, so the misfortune. This god is a symbol made of stone but drives everything.

Have you forgotten

Looking at some books, various authors, various thoughts.
The thing I notice is how I have started loving long descriptive things, as far as I remember I loved story books. Short stories are fast, they experiment fast, they are driven by the power of imagination, imagination of author as well as imagination of reader.
At some point, in these short stories many things are obvious assumptions, you can explain a character based on your power of imagination though author didn't. When it is complete you just remember the punch thought that provoked when it ended

Devotion with rationality

I can see one plain text pattern of rustic life, so simple so calm. The most important things is having lower expectations and high points of joy over low inputs. What we can learn is to be joyful even in the limited conditions. Go to a remote village and join a worship session with localities, see them, they have some 'can dos' and 'cant dos', the devotion part of this thinking is attached all the time with their deity.

Mapping contexts

This is unfair to look at advantages in rules belonging to such a game, which is not being played by you. In each position leverage one may have will be different but you see similar characters in players, similar targets.

So the thing which creates difference depends on your end point. What end point you have chosen decides the entire script. Nobody gets the extra time, extra options. The push that executes things is only driven by your need.

Killing the false sense of achievemnt

False sense of achievement is one heuristic which needs to be culled when you are into something big. You can see the castle in air which is still amorphous, but is visible to you as of this false sense of achievement.
A lot more can happen, many things can happen in many ways, apart from that, the way you choose depends on your intuition, and intuitions are based on knowledge settled in your nerves. A knowledge settled in your nerves is a knowledge that you use unconsciously, you never know when and how you are using it.

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