The priority list

There is always a priority list that goes along with us. May be it is not that much clear but knowingly or unknowingly we do what we think is important for us. At some point our mind speaks it, the way we do work speaks it out. The reason why it is important to understand is because it is the first and foremost prerequisite to deliver yourself at the panorama of success. I am not defining what it can be for you, for me it can be making the right point and conveying what exactly I want to convey, for someone else it can be making money, point is whatever it is going to be we need to be honest with ourselves. The reason I am writing this is because I have something in mind, the reason you have come up to this word is because you have something in mind, may be you are procrastinating, may be you are profiling me or may be you want to get the most out of my personal blog, we always have a priority list and we work with it.