Paras Kuhad co-founded closest.in in real world just after graduating. He later worked as a CTO at Alltopics Incorporation.

He currently works as a product designer and reads lots of books. Other than his consulting work he works on his side project called Allteresting.com to validate his assumptions and for adventures. He experiments with behavioural psychology and design, his natural instinct is to explain everything in terms of philosophy and mathematical models. He believes in open web and open data.

Python with Django
Drupal with PHP
Jquery with good parts of Javascripts
Stylesheets with css3
Sockets with node.js
Storage with MySql, Redis, Mongodb
Servers with Linux Kernel
Clouds with EC2
REST with APIs
Version control with git, bzr
User (!Vanity) Metrics with Mixpanel, Google analytics
Validated learning with A/B Testing
Algorithms with C and Python
Edits with vim
Modular Programming with GTD and data structures
Design with Bootstrap emotions
Agile development with Lean model
Support with customer development
Fails early, ships fast and sleeps late
Understands scaling and premature scaling
..... and lots of common sense.

A non accidental BTech Computer Science Graduate from RTU, India
Red Hat Certified Engineer
and lots of Coursera

He shares his experience and speaks when he has something to speak - Ask Anything

I love what I do if there is no cacophonous sound around. On my blog I mostly write about life, intuitions, philosophy and things which work for me. Coding stuffs and writing poems are analogous, here are some: http://paraskuhad.blogspot.com"

This bio is only a state and prone to change