Killing the false sense of achievemnt

False sense of achievement is one heuristic which needs to be culled when you are into something big. You can see the castle in air which is still amorphous, but is visible to you as of this false sense of achievement.
A lot more can happen, many things can happen in many ways, apart from that, the way you choose depends on your intuition, and intuitions are based on knowledge settled in your nerves. A knowledge settled in your nerves is a knowledge that you use unconsciously, you never know when and how you are using it.
Hunger and emptiness are two privileges, having plenty of resources is an awesome thing but the 'awareness' of having plenty of resources adds value to the false sense of achievement.
It is as simple as we believe in God, some people are agnostic, some people can tell the reason why they believe in God and some can't but some believe in God because other people do so. Similarly you know what 'can' happen, but when you carry the emptiness with you, you also know what can't happen and can't afford to have a false sense.
But then why do you live this emptiness, of course to fill something inside the empty space, what can be filled is completely an unknown entity. Knowing this unknown entity is all about your vision.
The process of filling the emptiness is the most painful thing happens to be here, but amazingly it will be the most memorable thing when you will complete it. We borrow patterns, again want to get into this process but realistically don't want to suffer the pain again because we know we don't need to do it again and again, and of course we feel no reason living it forcefully just because we want to make things happen in the same way as we did when we were empty. This is a common pattern when we carry the false sense of achievement.
Make sure that you are going to remind yourself, what you have achieved was not possible to some extent for you, as you have done those impossible things and you are sitting at the stack of a false sense that tells you that you should now head towards possible ways, don't forget to look for impossible ways that can drastically open some more possible ways. Eventually they will bring you at the exact point where you are right now. Believe me .. nothing .. I say nothing changes in this process except the calmness of inner satisfaction that you achieve just after doing a thing that you really wanted to do.