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The music and the scene

My beliefs are sometimes among the most important things those drive me. It seems that they come out of some kind of memory residing program that lives in my mind and each time I have something to make or decide, reminds me about myself. I may have that typical dream of flying in sky of my home planet, I dream about it, but in the gleaming day light, nobody dares to ask somebody about flying in sky without artificial wing mechanism in a serious talk, do I have a belief that I can't fly.
Well this is a quite obvious thing about flying, but what.. when I encounter some obscure ones.

Emptiness and hunger

At this end, where someone starts, starts with nothing, I step forward with a little care whether this end has something to do with me or with any other person. Some of my contemporaries stay at the same end, at some point I start to realize that secret of some recipes is 'nothing'. Nothing is considered with emptiness, empty means empty , no value. I have a null with me, in fact this 'null' also gives value to those entities not able to tackle the value of emptiness, this 'null' helps them, by being a value of emptiness.

It is one of them

The place is full of jokers, but what you learn from them is how to avoid and enjoy being yourself.
If I have a puzzle to solve, I will just start it solving, I won't read any statistics that how many people failed while doing because it was their problem they couldn't get into it. Circumlocution about things is my habit but when I see a joker in the scenario, I want to kill the fact that I am doing circumlocution and want to pull myself into act.

The other end..

“It's an end but not the other one what I am thinking of, if it is just a thought then I am gonna stay on this end”

I have been thinking about writing a new post but that won't create a new entry at my blog. I have to write for that. I am thinking about a trivial stuff that is too common to be noticed. Recently I have been to an Osho ashram , I brought a teaching and it runs like this :

My Resume

I am building Iddhis


  • I love to read and write alive code and work, that depicts an idea and useful for humanity. I started working in PHP 5 and using MySql for database purposes. I am familiar with popular OOPs languages and C/C++ myths. I have been working in drupal framework since march 2009. I work in GNU/Linux and my workspace distro is fedora 11. Currently I am loving python and its sincerity


Paras Kuhad co-founded closest.in in real world just after graduating. He later worked as a CTO at Alltopics Incorporation.

He currently works as a product designer and reads lots of books. Other than his consulting work he works on his side project called Allteresting.com to validate his assumptions and for adventures. He experiments with behavioural psychology and design, his natural instinct is to explain everything in terms of philosophy and mathematical models. He believes in open web and open data.

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