Emptiness and hunger

At this end, where someone starts, starts with nothing, I step forward with a little care whether this end has something to do with me or with any other person. Some of my contemporaries stay at the same end, at some point I start to realize that secret of some recipes is 'nothing'. Nothing is considered with emptiness, empty means empty , no value. I have a null with me, in fact this 'null' also gives value to those entities not able to tackle the value of emptiness, this 'null' helps them, by being a value of emptiness.
Regardless of this fact that, this emptiness has now a value, it will always be considered empty, I tend to fill this emptiness. How much I fill.. is little more than empty.

It was a small town where I spent my childhood. The place where I was brought up is important for me, it was nothing there, but as I walk away from it and I work more and more, it seems like that there used to be a lot, still it strikes my mind and sometimes fills my mind with a intuition that I will be going back and doing something useful to fill this emptiness. It's the farthest shore that never disappears to me, why.. I don't have any specific answer.

Emptiness is considered to be derogative, my definition of development tries its best to forget this emptiness or to remove characteristics of this emptiness. But soon I remember my chemistry teacher, organic chemistry was a hard part for me, I was a weak student at it, he used to memorize us chemical properties and chemical bonds by resembling them with nature's laws. And things those came out of this were very obvious whenever related with nature's properties. Emptiness has its own characteristic and can never be replaced by something with the vision of filling. If I start to fill the empty part, it's a mess.

Hunger, a problem ? .. people who consider it as a problem is a solution to lots of things. And unfortunately it's a part of some people's lives who starve for care and food. but I don't have any idea what can be a thing of utmost importance which can always keep me charged when I am up to something. Hunger reminds you of your objects, aims and it also reminds you of the people in the same category. When you purchase a big white coffee cup and next day you visit your friend's home and you become surprise to see a similar mug , which you never noticed. And for me hunger does the same. It reminds me of children who sleep by the road, seeks for a penny and stare at some lucky children going school in groups. It reminds me of mortality, It reminds me of people's hard work they have done. I know it's a crazy thing, but I don't think else when something works for me well.
It's the empty part of our colorful life. Hunger is a kind of value that defines this emptiness, it's our default driving property that keeps us running daily, doing something, working something, but the value of hunger is forgotten because we are able to conquer this problem daily. Some, has accepted this as a part of life, who doesn't care to solve this problem is someone who either knows the root of lives and where he is going after this life or someone who is totally careless or taught to do that.
This is something basic that creates different circles of people we meet, different groups of mindsets, someone who is afraid of being hungry fawns a little to those who never know what it is. And someone who don't know about it, targets for some higher dreams. Money can't replace hunger, if hunger doesn't know any way to feed itself, it will again seek for money, I need to tell a way to my hunger.

I am hungry and want a conclusion for this brooding, may be emptiness drives us to adventure big journeys, and may be we keep along it all the time that promotes us to come back after the victory.
And I leave for my dinner, today an emptiness is accompanying me, I am looking for something, staring at blank horizon of this long road, at the dinner place I find a guy coming there with a black t-shirt. I have never seen him here before. His t-shirt is with a holy sign “Om” and beneath this sign something goes like this:
“Nothing is everything and everything is nothing”
quite diplomatic but makes some sense for me this time.