It is one of them

The place is full of jokers, but what you learn from them is how to avoid and enjoy being yourself.
If I have a puzzle to solve, I will just start it solving, I won't read any statistics that how many people failed while doing because it was their problem they couldn't get into it. Circumlocution about things is my habit but when I see a joker in the scenario, I want to kill the fact that I am doing circumlocution and want to pull myself into act.

There are four jokers in my life. They usually sit out while I play but whenever I find that a card is missing, I find it very easy to pick up a joker and replace with the missing card.
The best thing I have ever found is silence, it is the only place where I can find every noise and listen to the silence baked into them. Justifying is very difficult problem. But whenever I feel at the top, I notice there was the same way I reached there and it was just behaving like what I am. Adopting a joker is a nice thing. Joker doesn't care about anyone that's why it can replace each and every card but they are just four of them of their own kind.
But being one of them is an evidence that you can feel comfortable whenever put in a closed card box, and there is nothing like valuation in that case. In fact, you are just an overhead for other cards those are not in the box when game is being played. No worries, three more cards are with you.
They may or may not be like you and of course it doesn't matter for you and you don't have to bother about that. Because nobody cares, you all are equally joker in a card set.
More further, I can tell you one more thing that a joker always owns a color and it is not aware of the fact that it can only be mixed up with the same community color that represents only thirteen more numbers of the same color.
But joker owns a very special property that .. in extra competent environment it is supposed to replace other color as well. Being a joker needs some extra effort because you are undervalued, you are supposed to remain silent and act when something goes in chaos.
When a joker acts with other cards it is conspicuous, some players points that why it is in middle but when they are pointing at it they know the fact that joker is the current need, it is impossible to play without it. Joker is a joker inside, from its own face, it efficiently adopts the other face of its life and players can't differentiate it among other cards while holding. But when it comes into the scene with other cards, it is conspicuous. It is joker's own way, it's own look but others have to adopt the way in which it is identified.
Joker has to remain silent. It will be put in the silence of card box again, when the missing card is found, joker is again replaced with the denizen.
A denizen is special, and no one can replace it, it doesn't matter that the missing card is now in bad condition but joker has to go and it is an acceptable thing for it, joker is calm because it knows a well versed and simple fact. He kept the silence in all ways while he was behaving in place of replaced card and it is again calm when it is being culled.

Joker knows, but it never wanted to boast around it, and of course never wanted to confuse other cards, it knows that who plays game is only concerned about his own statistics in game, he never cares whether a joker is involved or not and has replaced a card he was using, game will be over once and all cards will again go into the card box. But the silence will always remain with joker and it was indeed already there once, that's why nobody want to take the botheration of separating it out again in the next play, so jokers are always kept separate from all other cards.
But amazingly ..... a Joker is one of them.