The other end..

“It's an end but not the other one what I am thinking of, if it is just a thought then I am gonna stay on this end”

I have been thinking about writing a new post but that won't create a new entry at my blog. I have to write for that. I am thinking about a trivial stuff that is too common to be noticed. Recently I have been to an Osho ashram , I brought a teaching and it runs like this :

"If you are listening to an inspirational thought or reading something that really hits your head, you only get a chance. We feel something is really intriguing us, we fill our posture that we have achieved something but it is not that. We can achieve if we execute that chance, execute that motivation."

But problem lies in our smugness. I always find people making excuses to themselves. May be you are aware of psychosomatic effects. A kid develops stomach ache to skip the school session :P .. It's quite funny to talk about such things when we call ourselves 'mature'. Territory of smugness is very vicious and carries us far away.. more than our imagination. Just hold and think about excuses those are delivered like a daily prime time show to yourself. I find the same thing in speeches of our politicians. I feel what we have achieved is a part of an execution and it is the sole thing to go farther.

My surrounding is running after a prototype, which often starts and is being taught in silly syllabuses. We are forced to use a particular function library which only works in a certain environment. This is what we can find in plenty. Imagine what would have happened if Sir Newton had derived gravitational laws that worked with only apple ;) .. Even our development is based on the problem we want to solve. If we haven't targeted any problem yet then it only means that we are not developing, we are just a piece of hardware that has been installed with some silly OS that needs food to drive its data buses.

A hypothetical thing, may be it's our credence or our grief always drives us. But whatever comes out should always carry a sense. If it does so, I can bet on its sustainability. There are two views of this projection. First where we are messed with things available around us and a fact that only tells what can be done using them. And second simply talks about what is to be done and what is missing.
The second option is what we call an innovation. An innovation is never expected to introduce something complex or a cutting edge technology, an innovation solves a particular problem. If we are looking towards solving the problem then the problem itself is a solution, a solution to our reluctance which makes us weak to use means answering that problem. In fact we are not using anything, we are solving a problem and when itch is your own you are never taught how you are going to scratch... you just find it.

At this end it is common to see plethora of problems we wish to be solved and there is the other end where those problems are solved. The other end is very pleasant and promising but swapping the position means crossing the gap. It is not a mere gap, it's a valley. This journey may be an enjoyable one if we really want to see that problem solved. You have never heard of so many people those are on the other end but their journey is an explainable example for us at this end.

Wrapping up my thoughts with this quotation:
“Those things that hurt instruct” - Benjamin Franklin