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Living mind with genuine thoughts and debugging it

Practice of borrowing patterns is a hidden daemon that we execute unconsciously in our head. Patterns are everywhere and borrowing them is also a norm. You watch a movie - you pick the character, you read someone - you pick his words, you like someone - you imitate his habits. You succeed one day - you borrow yourself the next day i.e you want to behave exactly like what you did yesterday. I can't say how long it goes but it happens.

You get the idea, you kill the idea

Everybody is skeptical about his idea it's not only you. You get the idea in your head and that is the same place where you kill it.

Separating identities

Having your identity and let you use your identity is an achievement that facebook has done. You are with your name, with your titles, with all those credits and mistakes you have done in your life. This is a sequential life where you wake up with your identity and as everyone around knows you, you need to have a close space for privacy. You know if you scream people will ask you, what happened to you, they are interested in what possibly go wrong with you or what is the extreme of good that is under your capabilities.

Freeze the code plan, before you leave

I have been trying to recap all that thought process that I originally had when I was thinking for a solution to some problem. Practising to freeze your plan originally is a better approach. Leaving a code snippet in middle is a lethal task, getting out immediately for another task is easy but as you proceed further, frustration of what has not been done or chances of forgetting the original ideas/striking points are proportional to the time you proceed forward.
Why not :
a) Write down the original plan on paper
b) Going through the flow manually

You are controlled

Social networks on internet put you something at being virtual. You, your mind and your strategies are controlled from somewhere, where it is 'happening'. Information is great, plethora of resources, awesome tools, but would you please tell me how to use them ? I see no difference between excessive dose of caffeine and getting addicted to these platforms. These are something what we call 'medium' not something 'vital', we care about our own branding, but do they add some value to you, if yes then using in extra contexts without any essence is a big fail .

Simple things, strategical policies

Things are pretty straight. Once you know that you have to start for the quest, making decision for the starting point is really important.
Things are pretty similar in context of that time, when you are creating something, making a product, delivering a code, designing an art piece, solving a problem.
Once you start, things we never thought of, problems we never imagined of, come along the way and you are too busy to rethink about how you started.

Some fresh air

An influence is always misconstrued, what we do is important for us, and that's the only reason we are involved in doing that, isn't it ? yes it is, we face some needs in doing things, we see many people who have done that and they create a influence set for us.
Beginners are beginners, anyhow they will come to know about an influence set.

When I debugged my thought process

We continuously iterate ourselves and observe some obvious things. Some aspects of these obvious things are pretty amazing, this is what I got when I debugged my thought process :

* Studying thoughts inspires your own mind. Doing things and observing things are two different approaches. One sees what is that and one sees how it has been built.

Let's get some work done

We all live like we were here always and will be here up to the eternity, it's just a single life. When you say, this gonna be tomorrow, how can you be so certain when this is a lie indeed. This is crazy to say but it is true. Getting inspired is not just good, to execute you need to have something really targeted motives, if you don't have then start building and breaking things. Life is full of excuses and acts. A little later after birth we don't know how to speak we cry and get noticed but as we grow up we are not supposed to do that, as it is not going to take you anywhere.

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