You get the idea, you kill the idea

Everybody is skeptical about his idea it's not only you. You get the idea in your head and that is the same place where you kill it.

An interesting thing I found at iddhis that we measure our idea sitting on a stack of super smart people's influence. Nobody can tell, what is waiting there, we just need to explore the path to reach near only those people, who are waiting for your solution. It's a cycle of learning and discovery phase. I would even say that after getting insight of what you are building, what you are creating, killing things based on the raw aspect that what would those super smart people say about it, is not good. Someday someone has to bring this kind of solution and you are simply doing that.

I feel that there are two important stories: one brings out the super idea and others are about sub ideas those sums up your super idea. Make sure that super idea is fine, is a real problem or you are foreseeing such problem, sub ideas are components you make for your super idea, how they are going to behave in future is completely unpredictable.
Iterations are important for such things, even for your superhit assumptions, trying what more or 'less' would make them great is a good choice.
When you are iterating you should know that your existing solution is an intermediate state in some sense, it is a frozen snapshot of a process that you have been continuously using over the time since you started. Iterations makes you feel like you are continuously moving. Simply learning cannot happen, why would it happen if we don't have any reason to let it happen, same for iterations. Failing early, sucking early is a privilege.