When I debugged my thought process

We continuously iterate ourselves and observe some obvious things. Some aspects of these obvious things are pretty amazing, this is what I got when I debugged my thought process :

* Studying thoughts inspires your own mind. Doing things and observing things are two different approaches. One sees what is that and one sees how it has been built.

* Using knowledge derivatives can be a good approach to understand things. Like if you know a single formula and derive hundreds of others from it, that's very good. A state of one derivative may be a state that is often used, may be you want to remember it, that's good, but executing transaction, i mean going from one to another on your own actually puts the potential in you and enhances your understandability.

* Mind is good at ignoring things, this is a thing we know by default, we need not to learn this. We can ignore easily. There exists one reverse program as well, when we ignore one stuff that is taken as an important one by this reverse program, it increases the part of frustration and we screw up doing many things. Dividing in structural patterns in context with the thing bothering us, understanding their communication with each other and using knowledge derivatives may help us.

* Being perfect at creativity is a phenomenal thing. It happens sometimes that for the sake of titles, those seem superb, forces us to do certain things, those will never ever strike us, leaving them is a better option,finding your own path would be a better choice

* You have something raw, crude every time in your hand, like some letters, you know some words can be produced by these letters, but you don't know exact words. Task of creating some words from those letters is something that needs a little input, but you can't be exact all the time. In circumstances when you are pushed to create some words from only those letters,words will be coming out of it.

* Mind looks for patterns actually, what it knows how to detect them and develop a taste for all those patterns resembling it. We are from nature and love nature, if you capture patterns from nature and put into somewhere in your design and functionality and you would like it. Those who know how terrible it to compute long digits manually believe in functional things, design doesn't matters in that condition. Building them extra feature for observing statistics they will be more happy.

* Putting your mind into a single stream is a very long process. Patience brings sustainable solution, but these solutions are not that flexible, idea and flexibility of idea should be estimated first. Prediction for a flexibility of idea creates provision in execution.

* A trivial thing can be put into conceptual washes and sterilized into good for nothing. A trivial thing is supposed to be trivial, common example would be, people usually don't like things they have by default, you can multiply two big numbers easily so what's the big deal. One can solve rubik's cube, he doesn't know how he does, it's done in some logic that comes from very trivial thought process, it should remain trivial. A prodigy when pushed to some conceptual washes, this thought process never remains trivial and looses the exact point where it strikes.

* A mind follows singular characteristics in singular conditions, those who work in certain conditions are best example. Some environments enhances creativity and some not. Some kind of music makes you nostalgic and some distracts, some which makes you think will never bore if you listen to that for thousand times continuously while working. It's a characteristic you are into those beats living those beats.

* What stimulates you for best code, best art , best write up .. sometimes reading twitter, diverting to other blog posts, your social profile, yes it's very stimulating, in some way it is satisfying. Work done just after that is emulated in some ways, you opt to do something in the same context and that puts you and your satisfaction at certain level, but you are not at high odds. A mental addiction limits the boundary we think in, are we addicted in some ways.. yes.

* Mind works behaves like a slave sometimes, separating soul and body helps to understand that, your inner sense and fatigue controls your mind and the way it works. Fixing a deadline may instantly enlighten certain capabilities in you, exam time, putting something public. These capabilities are deceiving, you think you have done a great piece of job, mind is good as adopting ways, it adopts the ignorance as well, next time it would do the same, again some deadline, again same stigma, soul is sleeping, resources would have been allocated but no one is master.

Things will go out of our beyond, it doesn't work sometime because we believe so, it's an argument of your own mind not a fact from your soul.

good day.