Living mind with genuine thoughts and debugging it

Practice of borrowing patterns is a hidden daemon that we execute unconsciously in our head. Patterns are everywhere and borrowing them is also a norm. You watch a movie - you pick the character, you read someone - you pick his words, you like someone - you imitate his habits. You succeed one day - you borrow yourself the next day i.e you want to behave exactly like what you did yesterday. I can't say how long it goes but it happens. If you don't want to borrow from anywhere, anyone then it would take some time to be what you really are, this would be a happy end of your long time persistence.

Initial operation executed on your own thought process would tell you is, getting out of a dump of one thought is tough. However, getting out of the momentum of a particular idea, or work becomes necessary when you think you are doing well, it's well but who knows .. yes you know but it may be good, or may not be good ..
Good on what ?
You are doing thing in some parametric scale, good is good on some basis and bad is bad on some basis. Iterate your old works you won't believe sometimes that this thing was yours. This happens, because that time it was good based on something, may be on your sense and now it is not that good based on something, may be same sense. It's usually the momentum of your work, freeze something, your decision, your write up and have a look after some hours and you will definitely get a different perspective.

Interestingly we are certain in some ways. Our bigger decisions are based on our minor decision and justifications those we frequently make. It's about making this process easy. We make our decision based on some intuition still we don't have any idea how we made it, debugging, observing your thought process from very close may be useful and can bring you near perfection when it comes to cope with complex decisions.

Some mediate states are important for progress. There is no distinction in between your production states and those mediate states but they are conspicuous in some sense. You are productive when there is noting without the sole task what you are doing, even you don't mind asking yourself what you are doing and for what reason, you just want to do that thing. This is a productive stage.
Productive stage ended, you did an awesome job, and next day at the same time you observe what you have done and expect that you will be doing similar kind of stuff today. But it never happens again. Creation comes with a unique charge and to keep it up you need to bend towards the need and desire, not for expectations. Mediate stages are indications for a change, they will come and will be very confusing.
Continuing yourself is the only way to surpass mediate states. Later on one day a situation comes when your mind summarizes those mediate states and you admit that you have entered into something new.

Taking decision happens at the end of some thought process. We come at some certain decision point based on the evaluation of some thought process. This thought process is an important resource for debugging and you would like to have your own ways for that.