Some fresh air

An influence is always misconstrued, what we do is important for us, and that's the only reason we are involved in doing that, isn't it ? yes it is, we face some needs in doing things, we see many people who have done that and they create a influence set for us.
Beginners are beginners, anyhow they will come to know about an influence set.
Adopting ways of influence set is an obvious step, becoming obsessed with the limits of influence set is problematic, unfortunately that's the thing sometimes we do. What are the odds for observing an odd thing, an odd thing ! we hope it should be less, because we are good at what we have adopted, we always make sure that odds for looking what we haven't adopted will be less. Same thing here, thinking and doing beyond a influence set is an odd behaviour that anybody will ever want to do :)

Very objective activities brings obsession but good/bad part is that you are not aware of this. Is it funny when people say that you should balance yourself but it is not told when will you go out of balance. we need to figure it out or schedule a time after we will be doing activities to balance ourself. Projections helps us to understand a particular thing. We use projections in different cases, if not balanced then you are on single projection rests are forgotten, a balancing act may be bringing them into action. We call it changing our mind or getting some fresh air.