Separating identities

Having your identity and let you use your identity is an achievement that facebook has done. You are with your name, with your titles, with all those credits and mistakes you have done in your life. This is a sequential life where you wake up with your identity and as everyone around knows you, you need to have a close space for privacy. You know if you scream people will ask you, what happened to you, they are interested in what possibly go wrong with you or what is the extreme of good that is under your capabilities.

Same happens with your facebook identity. You use one browser logged into your facebook account, everywhere you go you get your social graph already present there, you know their activities, everywhere you behave using this identity .. is that ok ?

Sorry, I don't have any idea or say don't have a hammering reason that will hit your head and force you to rethink, you would say ok .. I feel comfortable, what's wrong with that. But I am looking for some peace, forms of mediations says me that separating your body and soul and understanding the reasons of separation is important. You are tangled within a mess, when you point to yourself it is your body, not your soul.