Let's get some work done

We all live like we were here always and will be here up to the eternity, it's just a single life. When you say, this gonna be tomorrow, how can you be so certain when this is a lie indeed. This is crazy to say but it is true. Getting inspired is not just good, to execute you need to have something really targeted motives, if you don't have then start building and breaking things. Life is full of excuses and acts. A little later after birth we don't know how to speak we cry and get noticed but as we grow up we are not supposed to do that, as it is not going to take you anywhere.
Do you have an idea in your head, then pull it to the extreme. Sometime someday something are never n nothings. This is quite a bit aggressive way to think but this thing has some certainty.
One from my social circle tells me about security, in his own words : "Dude these days you need to be in safe side in some ways". No wonder I used to think like that. But when I am living the temptation of executing my idea I would reply him: dude go and get some life. You are a typical social being.
We are supposed to be default, we are designed to be default, even in startups this is true. Sailing against the stream is always hard. Let me introduce you to a work done zero concept. You invest your time with a target, and this never generates any 'visible', people will say your work done is zero. You dump your job, hacking on something, learning like hell, building yourself but your social status is unemployed, hence your work done is zero.
Coming over this thing is not an easy task, may be this is a kind of stage I am in yes but it is true. You see things around what you want to look at. Come let's get some work done !