You are controlled

Social networks on internet put you something at being virtual. You, your mind and your strategies are controlled from somewhere, where it is 'happening'. Information is great, plethora of resources, awesome tools, but would you please tell me how to use them ? I see no difference between excessive dose of caffeine and getting addicted to these platforms. These are something what we call 'medium' not something 'vital', we care about our own branding, but do they add some value to you, if yes then using in extra contexts without any essence is a big fail .

Emotions looks for an exit, having an eye contact while replying to an emotion and replying on a status update through a comment are two different things, latter one is easy, you don't have to bother much, that's it, so why not but it breaks lots of things. Worrying about a problem and working for a solution are two different things. Getting replied will serve a value to your personal branding, but will left emotionally blank or with unsolved problem.

Can you turn off your phone, if it doesn't play any role at your work. Is there any fruitful thing that happens while looking at your phone's home screen or inbox again and again. Oh.. so you have a social app embedded in your phone, that adds more to this problem. You and your productivity are being controlled.