How frequent it happens at your browser's address bar

It's amazing,
When I check my mail after some long hours, I expect some happenings that would have happened there and they really happen and it goes good. When I check it 'frequently', probability of having some activity is less that it frustrates my mind, as the intense of writing "gmail" in address bar is so high that if you don't see bold text behind white background strips your mind feels a certain shock, you hope at least there should be a notification from somewhere, may be some activity happened and notification mail has been throttled so let me check my social profiles. You move to your social profile, hey a friend of mine has uploaded his engagement pics !! .. what ? he is engaged. You know friends we used to be together at school, we were very good friends and now see, how can he do that, he should have told me first.. alas! Let me check twitter, may be he had messaged me.. woahh what's going on twitter. This new post seems to have the same pattern as it was there in last post, I should stop following this subscription. No updates from hacker news ! let me check what newest are .

stop !!!

reconsider your mailbox checking practices