My Resume

I am building Iddhis


  • I love to read and write alive code and work, that depicts an idea and useful for humanity. I started working in PHP 5 and using MySql for database purposes. I am familiar with popular OOPs languages and C/C++ myths. I have been working in drupal framework since march 2009. I work in GNU/Linux and my workspace distro is fedora 11. Currently I am loving python and its sincerity
  • I have been involved in Free and Open Source projects

Operating Systems

  • I have been using GNU/Linux based distributions and I am a Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • I have Linux based server management experience
  • Programming Languages

    • I am familiar with C, C++ and Core Java
    • My recent works mostly includes PHP-MySql and frameworks based on LAMP technology
    • Familiar with Javascript, XML, Ajax technology
    • Right now I am hacking with Python-Django and hitting my head with user interface design work that includes javascript libraries

    Frameworks and VCS

    • My expertise includes Drupal and Codeigniter
    • I am using git, svn and bazzar for my code management


    2006-2010 : B Tech, Computer Science Engineering Aggregate 79 %, Rajasthan Technical University, Kota
    2005 : Class XII Aggregate 93 %, Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer
    2003 : Class X Aggregate 90.50 %, Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer

    Track me

    • Proposed an idea of bookkeeping module under drupal commerce in Google Summer of Code 2010. Unfortunately it is not selected but I will be executing it in Drupal 7.
    • Member of founding team and web administrator of linux user group Bikaner.
    • Attended Free and Open Source Software conference: '' at Banglore in December, 2009.
    • Delivered techtalks and organized hackfest for Drupal and Linux at FossGn09 : A foss meet @ Sakshama GN 09 (National annual techfest of Engineering College Bikaner)
    • Introduced and coded an online puzzle hunt event: 'morse' launched for Sakshama Gn09
    • Delivered various non technical talks based on FOSS movement in colleges.
    • Event Supervisor for Computer Science Department events: Chakravyuh @ Sakshama GN 2009
    • Attended my first FOSS workshop [email protected] Kanpur in Feb, 2009.

    My Projects

    Citizen Information Integration (CII) :

    This thing was my first conscious hack with a great project partner Manu Dixit. We were solving a problem that targeted integrating citizen informations. We made it our college project. I wrote code in jsp and used some open templates for interface. Read the full story here

    • Used technologies - JSP, Tomcat Web Server
    • Project aims to prepare a web interface for day-to-day services provided to the citizens from a governing body with strict permission and access layer implementation.
    Business Solution (bs) :

    This code has been my own itch. I started my coding practice with a stuff called foxpro [ :P ] in XI standard. Those days it was quite popular in my academic environment and used to develop some simple database applications. I was always mesmerized by bookkeeping tools and used to wonder around my father's official documents. I wrote some small projects those solved some of our headaches. That time KBC2 was around and once I developed such application in Foxpro that was randomly picking up a question from a text file, this thing motivated me but Foxpro was not the right thing to do. Once in my leisure during college time, I just picked up this task and wrote basic bookkeeping functions in PHP. This code has been messy and lacks framework style structure. I plan to re-factorize and modulate this code in some vivid framework.

    • Used technologies – PHP, MySQL, Apache Web Server
    • An accounting application with basic accounting functions.
    • Supports infinite level grouping of ledgers.
    • source code:
    3x3x3 Rubik's Cube Pattern Generator (Colors) :

    Rubik's cube has always been an intriguing thing for me. Once accidentally I confronted this puzzle. I found it simple at first sight but it was not [ :) ]. I kept trying, one day I solved it but it was still a puzzle as I didn't have not any logic. I started developing a procedure. I looked for repetitious patterns and went on and did it. Now my manual procedure can solve this 3x3x3 puzzle in less than seven minutes. Although this time is very far away from the world record but it works [ :P ] for me. Then it came the C++ era of my life and I wrote a small class that can hold a 3x3x3 rubik's cube and do all kind of rotating operations. I also wrote file handling classes to store its patterns. One of my contemporary wanted to develop a robotic hand project intended to solve rubik's cube. He came to know about me in college and approached. I wrote some brute force kind of algorithm, it is not good at solving but was well at generating database patterns. It is interesting to see patterns and how they repeat. I plan to study group theory and generators [ :p ] and will come with a killing algorithm [ :) ]

    • Used technologies – C++
    • An API for visual representation and transaction of any 3x3x3 rubik's cube.
    • A solution that generates all possible patterns for a particular deep level.
    • Also provides solving steps to any random pattern following Brute Force Solving strategy.
    • source code:
    Online puzzle hunt module and event – morse :'

    I have been involved in writing stuffs those work on black terminals [ :P ]. It was the web that fascinated me with the feel of projecting on some visual thing. I brought drupal in Feb 09 from Techkriti. I found this tool awesome. Online events at IITs were enough to take me on nerves, I put the concept of online event at our college techfest Sakshama. I wrote a module and named it 'Morse'. Manu did the job of story director and developed awesome script. We both did cool hacks and event was successful carrying entries from various engineering colleges in India. It is still working here : Morse

    • Used technologies – Drupal API
    • Working as a driving engine for a national level Online puzzle event : morse
    • This year event was based on a story scripted for a cartoon character: launchpad
    • source code:
    Drupal's quiz module extension - quiz-marking :

    We were about to organize preliminary quizzing rounds in our college techfest. After looking over some LAN quizzing softwares we found drupal with quiz module rocking. It was fine but we also needed positive/negative marking association to question nodes with cut off list, so it was a little hack that did the job.

    Hobbies and epilogue

    • I love reading and writing. My hindi blog :
    • I study various patterns in nature and analyze them
    • My current area of interest is semantic web and open social data
    • I do web consulting thing in my leisure