The basic thing and getting it right

Genuine things arise from the cutting edge of imitation, you find your existence when there are certain limitations and unsolved problems, but to reach where you know solutions are ; is a very long journey indeed, that is some point where you will stand, have been through all sort of tricks and knowledge used so far.
Some problems which are easy to solve has invisible barrier to entry points, may be going for it isn't that cool or the buzz you want to create is very less. Interviewing yourself is also such a problem. I want you to repeat yourself again and again. I believe that experience comes from repeating works.

When we follow the self decided path we notice that every thing says same, including the bad article which you have been through, you know yourself that it also wanted to say the same. I tell you one important thing, not because I am someone to say, just because I saw some of them and their way they happens. We repeat things, no no , you are getting me absolutely wrong, we don't repeat our work, we repeat others in us. I love the difference between declaration and definition, we all know just declaration of functions is not enough, without definitions programs never compile. Pardon my words if they are harsh.
If you have done really an awesome thing and somebody knows, he will let other know, good things asserts itself, am I right ? no.. right, wrong doesn't mean anything, don't share too much of yourself. If you really want to build something great, (yes me too) then best thing is to observe, not individuals, work done by those individuals.
Creation is not some rocket science, it is a measure of time + evaluated behavioral science along with the time. You know science is great, technology is great, it's also an ally of your procrastination, you never want to know how much of your behavioral science intersects with this great science. Are you just engulfed in choices or doing good with your decisions, lots of choices doesn't mean that we are doing good, our decisions make us great. Notice yourself while doing work, while reading newspaper, how you read it, your eyes want to get over the whole newspaper in just one second because you keep always in your mind that there is much more than this.
Our psychology is symbolic, when we cry , when we laugh we certainly have something in our mind, that's good to know, notice yourself define those symbols and tune them, most of them are unnecessary lying there, remove them and free yourself. In the end you will teach yourself - either it is a wrong statement or be a right statement, they wanted to say the same thing, "don't get me wrong, get me always right'.