The basic thing and getting it right

Genuine things arise from the cutting edge of imitation, you find your existence when there are certain limitations and unsolved problems, but to reach where you know solutions are ; is a very long journey indeed, that is some point where you will stand, have been through all sort of tricks and knowledge used so far.

Today I discovered

I used to think that the side which I face when I sit at work, always affects my work, then I found that the source of light affects the brightness of laptop lid and changes the way I think.

Some good music and a little tasty food can change the way you percept the world.

Life is beautiful and colourful until you wakeup early in morning, I found it impossible to wakeup early so I waited for the morning whole night and understood the fact that dawn comes after the dark. Let's wake up this night and walk in the street light and find the life even in the sleeping hours.

Some evening time

I want to write about an evening, this is as common as it comes daily but sometimes when I walk towards the temple behind my place, voices coming from this temple distracts me from everything. Life is as simple as the calm scenery around this temple, we worship what we believe. Why faith heals us is just because of devotion, never ever someone wants to be a reason, he devotes everything, so the misfortune. This god is a symbol made of stone but drives everything.

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