Some evening time

I want to write about an evening, this is as common as it comes daily but sometimes when I walk towards the temple behind my place, voices coming from this temple distracts me from everything. Life is as simple as the calm scenery around this temple, we worship what we believe. Why faith heals us is just because of devotion, never ever someone wants to be a reason, he devotes everything, so the misfortune. This god is a symbol made of stone but drives everything. Sometimes I too feel spiritual when nothing exciting happens, I feel spiritual when everything that was into my mind has been executed without any result.
It is strange we always find world something other than from our taste, other than the taste we live in, that's why we need to learn. As I see sometimes this need of learning becomes too artificial that it throws away some of our natural intellectual properties. Learning is a long process to discover how things are altered, sometimes knowledge just plays a role to understand difference among things. We start with things without the reason of existence, then we move further to learn difference among things having reasonable existence unknown, we keep going and keep going.
Soon the small girl comes into my mind, she is playing at this open space, running round and round, she is a perfectionist in her own way, she is a kind of subtle object to observe in this scene, some of her older cousins are playing their own games but one of them starts running after her and wants to catch her. She doesn't know the difference in between simply running and running under some rules and becomes able to pursue affection. This place is not the playground but indeed this place looks like a place to forget some differences, a place to be with one or probably more discoveries.
Sometimes it happens that I invest lots of time looking at others, the part where we feel low certainly comes from the fact of being aware about some differences. The point where these differences end, are very soothing. Variety of temples and problem of selecting one of them to visit is directly an indication of confusion among spectacular varieties. If you know quantitatively less your problems are less, if you know that you still don't know about more and more qualities, probability of getting into some problems is even more less. If you know that someone knows more, then it's a problem, not for him, it is for you. If you know the differences, problem starts, if you know just one thing, just one way to go at some place where difference ends, everything tries to solve itself out.