Today I discovered

I used to think that the side which I face when I sit at work, always affects my work, then I found that the source of light affects the brightness of laptop lid and changes the way I think.

Some good music and a little tasty food can change the way you percept the world.

Life is beautiful and colourful until you wakeup early in morning, I found it impossible to wakeup early so I waited for the morning whole night and understood the fact that dawn comes after the dark. Let's wake up this night and walk in the street light and find the life even in the sleeping hours.

Background music of early 70 80 bollywood music had a sharp impact on the mood of audience.

I always wanted to do some kung fu but since dragon warrior has already been discovered, I am trying my hands in computers.

We are same all the time after having breakfast, after winning Nobel prize, what we try to do is more effective than what has been done by us.

Writing code is easier than making a sandwich when I know what is to be code and which butter is to be used.

Kids are smart and that smart kid will say the same thing when he/she will grew up. And why they are always busy because they are always exploring something even when they smile at you. And because this is the most natural thing to do, we find them amusing. They are bold because they are unaware of stupid facts.

If logic is the only thing I have, I cannot learn, I need to forget everything I learned while learning something new.