Have you forgotten

Looking at some books, various authors, various thoughts.
The thing I notice is how I have started loving long descriptive things, as far as I remember I loved story books. Short stories are fast, they experiment fast, they are driven by the power of imagination, imagination of author as well as imagination of reader.
At some point, in these short stories many things are obvious assumptions, you can explain a character based on your power of imagination though author didn't. When it is complete you just remember the punch thought that provoked when it ended
Long narrations are continuous, if it is complex then you build concepts while reading it, you learn characters while thinking about it. Once you complete at some point and get back after an interval, you feel like you have forgotten many things.

The work we love doing is our identity, It takes a long time to be what we are, it's a kind of long narration we read, learn and observe continuously, once we leave we forget our powers.