The fear of getting lost

Have you ever felt it,

If you understand the reasonable part of this fear, this should be your nightmare, yes getting lost. I know that upcoming time must not be my comfort zone, as it has been the biggest irrelevant logic in bad times, but reverse to normal conditions where we want to stabilize, when you want to earn something really from your heart, your tendency is against the stream and that is going towards uncomfortable zone from comfortable zone, and I fear getting lost in between.

This process is so subtly slow that you never know when you have stopped making some progress. Justifying your mind and body becomes the easiest way to overcome this argument that you have stopped making progress from where you started long time ago. This fear of getting lost should be the biggest one in this duration.

I remember when I was into C programming language in school time, I didn't have access to internet that time so I made a list of books and their prices, and estimated how long and how much it would take me to learn C 'completely' . Today I understand that this type of completion never makes sense until you get involved in solving some real problems using the tool set you are learning.
But there was a gain from that list, it was always in my diary and reminding me of my targets, to cover all the concepts of C, this list always escaped me from getting lost for two years. Today I found that list while cleaning up my old set of books and I was surprised on things and sequences those brought me here what I am.

So I am making a new one.