Two types of tasks

Two types of tasks are there:
One you are credited for and one you are not credited for.

One which gives you immediate results and one, which is just a milestone or becomes a base for a task which in future will give you some immediate result. We are after visible results and visible credits, because our life is important.. not for us but for others.

Somebody just starts from one corner and all the way he turns right, sometimes he turns left just keeping in mind that he has to move diagonally and eventually has to reach at the second corner.
Somebody stops and starts thinking, he invests thirty five minutes of his time in thinking what he is, what he requires to do this task, how it should be done, what should be the output then he makes it and does it within next fifteen minute.
Next time he knows that this is the same task what he has worked upon thoroughly so he can complete it within fifteen minutes but unexpectedly he takes 20 minutes, these extra 10 minutes were consumed for an unexpected behaviour of task this time, that was not faced last time, he adds an experience this time and is intrigued for the next time.

One thing is for sure if you look things as how they are built you discover a whole new world.