Devotion with rationality

I can see one plain text pattern of rustic life, so simple so calm. The most important things is having lower expectations and high points of joy over low inputs. What we can learn is to be joyful even in the limited conditions. Go to a remote village and join a worship session with localities, see them, they have some 'can dos' and 'cant dos', the devotion part of this thinking is attached all the time with their deity.

This portion of complete devotion comes out with graduating ideas and thoughts, some of them are inherited as they are and some are adopted in a little deprecated way, and some are taken further even if the reason of existence has vanished in the upheavals of journey of time.

Some thoughts carry a class with them, when you ask the reason behind, you will be considered as an atheist or some kind of alien person because you dared to raise the question behind the existence of some unreasonable thing. This may be a flipped side of devotion that is derogative in some sense. Devotion never pushes you away from being rationale.