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The Dark Age

It has no intention to break the mood you are in, it also has no intention to break hypothetical sleep we are in. We have issues, lots of issues, sometimes I think if we had issues back when we were evolving, how we survived through entire generations and made things which are letting me share this idea with you.

Why don't you do it

If you think you are 100% good at ____ ( fill in the blanks ) why don't you do it. It is not a bad idea trying it, isn't it. We are habitual and always see perfect things in front of us but everything we see has a long history of tough decisions, lots of ups and downs. There are people.. always trying, though they are not yet able to deliver something which can really please our eyes accustomed to perfection but these guys are making progress.

Talking with myself

Remember, today I took a bath doesn't mean I am done, if I have to keep myself fresh I take a bath daily - everyday same effort, same hard work, but we do it because it is not a choice, we just need to do it to keep ourselves in fashion, although it is not a compulsion, it is something which is so minute and procedural that we don't even feel the importance of it.. just keep playing.. you will face challenges, our truth is beyond them, our truth exists simply in living them without making 'efforts', acceptance followed by free actions.

Less rules, more life and then just the life

Too many things to define what is possible and what is not,
Too many rules to understand before we understand algebra,
Too many rules about what is good and what is bad,
Too many guides about what should be done and what should not.

What is extra

We are constantly learning and we always want to learn. It's not a choice though, you may argue that lethargic souls living out there who have decided not to learn anything have this choice, but however they are still doing their best to find shortcuts, learning them, they just want things to happen and this is the reason they look for a quick explanations or say shortcuts without having no integrity with a standard rationality.

Good ideas and bad ideas

So all those wise words, many dos and dont's, I always wonder how much proportion of these ideas I really use. At some point I have noticed myself suffering from this maniacal thought : I need to get all of those wise words, I don't need to miss anything otherwise I will not be able and competent.

The super comparison theory

I hope you are aware of Indian way of labeling an automobile product "Mileage kitna deti hai (What is the mileage of this car)", there is also a common way of measuring a guy like me in his twenties how good he is by asking 'How much he can earn per month'. There also exists an euphemism, i.e. people don't ask you directly instead they would ask you insanely 'kya karte ho (What do you do)' and they directly mean " What is your value proposition (Probably in potential marriage market ?)".

Learning by investing

It's easy to look at simple wins, but simply by looking at them doesn't create any intellectual properties for you. Wins are backed by wits and managing patterns and over the lime learning best practices and customizing for own need. It would be worth to invest some time to understand them, or may be some money. You made a site for your cousin's offline business, use adsense for it or create a conversion funnel and measure, simply by looking at these metrics the feeling and insight you get is priceless.

Let's not starve for technical superiority and start thinking in an objective way

There is a technical mind and he sees a problem like an another heaven to enjoy the timeless path and each fraction of time while solving the problem, this technical mind explains everything from the tool mindset or from engineering prospectus. There is a product mindset who envisions product, its reach, problem domain, customer discovery, conversion channels and the way it is being solved, for such mind a first step technical workflow is an obstacle instead of being a solution.

Label doesn't matter

Entrepreneur word is sometimes a misleading title to us and if we think according to this spirit as we are pursuing something which can be called entrepreneurship then entrepreneur is not the right label to put at the top in our head. There are no ideal gases, but for somebody who is in the right spirit, it even doesn't matter for him what this label can or cannot bring to him or what this label can really mean to others, he would just want to see his things getting done.