Let's not starve for technical superiority and start thinking in an objective way

There is a technical mind and he sees a problem like an another heaven to enjoy the timeless path and each fraction of time while solving the problem, this technical mind explains everything from the tool mindset or from engineering prospectus. There is a product mindset who envisions product, its reach, problem domain, customer discovery, conversion channels and the way it is being solved, for such mind a first step technical workflow is an obstacle instead of being a solution. I have always stopped myself avoiding first way whenever I am working on a problem but it seems indispensable as I love programming by my heart.

Lets divide the way, if you are coming from the technical side then getting to know your tool to extreme limits will help you in, the way you imagine a product. So, then it becomes very important to understand your tool to the extreme detail to get the most while designing a product. But if you haven't mastered your tool yet and If you don't know or unable to explain smoothly how something can be executed spontaneously by using your tool executing product in mind then your technical mind is indeed an obstacle.
May be so far you have considered yourself up to the mark where you can get around with things, you can appropriately and quickly give some shape to things. But if you need to think while doing product then you only have a non-objective technical mindset, because this approach always ends up with : ok I did last time good, but what about this time that means you are a dabbler, it's an indication to change your gears and get out of comfort zone and to think about things objectively.

Getting to know a toolset gives you a smooth way of deploying things, apart from that you get to see multiple aspects of a certain view. However leaning towards technical superiority is an endless starvation. In fact it should be objective, when it is more in the objective way you get the best you want to get. In simpler words getting to know something technically is best when you learn while doing objectively. Want to design, I better should learning it by designing something to the level where a designer can say it makes sense (at least up to some threshold ).

So overall everytime what makes ball rolling is our ways of understanding psychology of a product/codebase and its potential users, how we can empathetically get into someone's mind what he exactly wants. Thinking in abstract terms always helps, for example if you find a/b testing out of your focus, but when objectively if you think that it can be crucial and improve your stuff and save you from loosing your investments, then a/b testing or a non-technical marketing thing doesn't remain a headache for a technical mind. And that is the best way to do it, doing objectively.

Another way to explain it would be you are never going to read all the API calls or master each function or mastering each parameter a function receive believing that someday you will use it to make something great, that is really like a mastering your university exam way that is far away from real world. You get to there when you need it, that's it, you got it, now if we just imply it to another domain, selling your product and doing so called unproductive sales things for your technical qualification are as crucial as for your product, your technical superiority is, and as we learned the best way to do is to reason it, and the best way to reason is to understand the point that without it you are not going to make any value out of it.

If you can ponder over it a few minutes, you can understand a difference between a website and a company. So I would like to understand tools for the common sense or say intuition but I would not like to starve for technical superiority. Finally I say a big 'yes' to myself, yes there are customers but where is your own way, we can find out lots of things called best practices but what ultimately works is completely customized, with 110% control, with so responsive to changes you make that you can even feel it.