The Dark Age

It has no intention to break the mood you are in, it also has no intention to break hypothetical sleep we are in. We have issues, lots of issues, sometimes I think if we had issues back when we were evolving, how we survived through entire generations and made things which are letting me share this idea with you.

We had breakthroughs, I love the journey of personal computer, and everyday this idea thrills me and excites my all nerves that I have this computing machine I can instruct to read my instructions and make it do whatever I want, the smart servant with no intelligence. As I spend my time with this smart servant and always learn how intelligently I can instruct it to perform tasks in a better way, it feels like to be in heaven, but just after stopping the music I have in my headphones, and leaving the desk when I take a walk and realize that there is a world outside other than the world of me and my servant, I realize we have issues.

As I see more, I realize we have enough issues and still we are in dark ages. When I learned how to instruct this servant I had started making this philosophy that I am different, more I take the walk outside I start realizing that everybody thinks the same that they are different carrying their own servants, I have a servant built of complex electronics, some has others built of power, ideologies, religion, politics so on and so forth .. they think the same that they are different.
I had this issue where I only wanted to work with this servant and tried to give it more intelligence, none the less I thought he is smart so he can teach them all what it is like to think open and share. Sometimes it made me think more that I am really different and sometimes it made me think we all are the same, everybody is doing same. We started to attack on each other to prove who is more witty over whom, not in the direct way because everybody knows it is not appropriate but we kept holding grudge to prove we are better. However I kept thinking that my innovation will solve this problem but still I was following the aggregated thinking to take the control and face everyone who thinks the opposite and to teach them that I am right.

Now I am here at the cutting edge where I have the best available, the best of the human evolution, the best of the wisdom summed up, but still for no reason it feels like dark age. For no reason I think that creation can be bullied by those who have powers and opinions, and I have no intention to take the power and make an opinion as I think that it is an overhead to solve those problems which have nothing to do with my work with my servant. What it has to do with the ideas, there are barriers, I know that in this dark age ideas cannot propagate that easily, I am not making judgement about which ideas are worth and which not, in fact to test this we need the propagation to be fast so that they can be tested, altered and improved and again tested. In this dark age there are claims of ideas those bully over this cycle of iteration claiming that they are best, that bothers me to work with those claimers and force me to think that I am different.

There is a guy Peter Thiel who says, "We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters" - may be because it needs collaboration between those groups of people who think they are different.