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Don't build just for the sake of building

I spent most time solving computational problems, sometimes it makes me think that it doesn't scale until your problem domain gets very specific along with the time and more exciting problems integrate into one single problem and building a business is a problem like this.

Let me be honest

I have always wondered what should be written on a personal blog. As it happens with us all when we grow up we look around and learn, believing that you have to say something, how to say is also a look and learn process, because when you are talking with yourself it is ok, but when we have to make other people understand we need to pick a model which is universal.

The priority list

There is always a priority list that goes along with us. May be it is not that much clear but knowingly or unknowingly we do what we think is important for us. At some point our mind speaks it, the way we do work speaks it out. The reason why it is important to understand is because it is the first and foremost prerequisite to deliver yourself at the panorama of success.

The best idea processing toolkit

When an interesting problem strikes us, a flash of thoughts and various concerns floods into our mind and they turn into vague visuals. To convert them into real world stuff, we have to begin with concrete models. The importance of a note taking application at this point is very crucial, we need to draw models, we need to sketch arrows, we need to sketch workflows, we need to write appropriate descriptions.

An extremely simple thought

Identity is misconstrued, we are not speaking the identity, we are being driven, something drives us and we are escapist. I know the angle, the angle you are thinking from, and here is my one, it is classical, classical in sense as I think it is, it is the virtue.
Suddenly it feels so important looking bare at this virtue and after a few minutes the fake residing identity kills the virtue, your own virtue and it all lefts you with no real. It is a life long practice to always think about reminding yourself about your own virtues, it is as important as to have a virtue.

FOSS has everything to do : Talk @ RajasFOSS

Sharing code is fun.
Version control systems are god sent tools for developers. And github executes git in an awesome way. I have just committed a repository about my talk at RajasFOSS event. You can check it out here :

The smart part

Life is an evolving process,
The greatest part which inspires us is philosophy and the smart part which really works is practicality.
And in between them there are lots of lines and sharp edges made up of obligations, prejudices, instincts, society, kind of infrastructure we have, number and thickness of boilerplates we need to face and passion to hold them.

A quick startup analogy

Build lungi from a fabric which people usually use
And for the skin, this fabric is identified with
No matter what processing cycle is, end product should be just wearable lungi
Supply the lungi where people can see it
Sell the lungi, where people wear lungi
Tell them it's not raymond but a raymond for you
and when you tell this, observe lungi they are wearing
Leave your pants and start using lungi

and rest is good luck.

Umm, it's not me

There is some secret sauce in categorizing things under two categories. There are two types of creative people, one who think they are creative and other are too busy to get this thought in their head.

It's problematic to assert your type to yourself again and again. If you have more memories thinking yourself, about being something and more you are building, less are the probabilities and vice versa.

Varieties of problem

Varieties of problems and solving them might be a challenging task. More you flood yourself with problems, requirement of swapping area and capacity to hold all of that increases. At first, solving a hard problem itself is a challenge, then solving two tough problems one advocating left brain and one advocating right brain even might be a more difficult task.