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Stop running

There is no point in running after things. We have unresolved plans and someday we wish to complete them and hence by doing them we have some desires to achieve something and to be something. If we look behind then we are here with what we can do and can't do, it is only because of mostly unexpected events and outcomes we never thought of. The hard work is not about how we can run after things with restlessness, it is about doing things with patience. If while doing we are cooking dreams and doing it for something else other than us, then we are doing it wrong.

Actually doing is totally different

An actual scheme of really doing something is much better than vague ideas of doing something. We always have more better plans what can be done, but actually they are like unclear milestones setup earlier. Actually defining the action point, the real next step that is really doable is the original way of doing something, small or big .. doesn't matter, there is only one way of doing something, and that is really doing it.

Your part is going to be solo

That moment of inspiration, so powerful that it is capable to define your whole life. It is so easy to affect yourself in a moment after pop culture and really hard to keep yourself inclined towards doing it.

Resistance is a part of this game

I still feel pity on how someone's efficiency is measured in terms of how good his academics are. During graduation I always wanted to do something different other than what is usually expected from a graduate, I had keen interest in writing computer programs to solve real world problems, and I always don't like others telling me what code to write, how to write it and what tools to use, if startups was one way to keep that thing intact I was keen for it, but status quo was to attend some fortune 5000 company.

Real Growth for Everyone

The internet revolution, it has never been possible to construct things available today until unless some remarkable mutation of thoughts would have happened in history, we owe a lot to them. Evolution of ideas and constructs carry a big pattern. Some failed journeys, some theories which perspired and inspired others, and some curious who wanted to enquire further, and some other who wanted answers and finally something happens that evolves along the journey and everyone can relish the progress made so far.

What is honesty

What is honesty when I speak the honesty, at the end of the day it's a practice, practice not to become something, it's a practice not to satisfy someone's personal theories with self proclaimed prospectus towards life, not to satisfy the status quo, having the capability to stand with your appearance and thoughts, and finally having all these things in mind and not having any of them when you behave this way.

Talks are really cheap

I love thinking about it,

Something which is very obvious is talked too much and still nobody gets it. Something which is very important and told again and again with the emphasis of an unspoken superiority claim by the speaker but still nobody gets it. These things are like the sign boards we see a lot daily but rarely we read and rarely comprehend, yet day after day we acknowledge people talking about these same signs again and again.

Creation and Consumption

Creation brings you near to yourself and consumption takes away from yourself. Consumption lets you see patterns by others and the quest to demystify every understanding we see makes us to forget our ones.

More we try it, more it becomes a mess

About a year ago I developed a good habit of keeping my thoughts always written. That became a goldmine for me to process what I had in mind at some point of time, but later it turned out that subconsciously I wanted to post them somewhere to get the unrealistic praise of smartness. Just right now I am processing those writing notes, and as I am reading them one by one, some writings are really meaningless to me. They seem like they have been written just for the sake of writing, having no central point to make, just unreadable and incomprehensible.

Ideas arrive and leave as we breathe

Ideas just arrive and leave us, thinking about doing and doing something are two entire different things. Brave are the people who let others explore them. What I love most about writing is, it is an opportunity to become more clear, it is an opportunity not to talk with others but to yourself.