Stop running

There is no point in running after things. We have unresolved plans and someday we wish to complete them and hence by doing them we have some desires to achieve something and to be something. If we look behind then we are here with what we can do and can't do, it is only because of mostly unexpected events and outcomes we never thought of. The hard work is not about how we can run after things with restlessness, it is about doing things with patience. If while doing we are cooking dreams and doing it for something else other than us, then we are doing it wrong. The real accomplishment of the object at present is in doing itself not in the possible outcome. If you are running after it then you are doing something wrong, if it comes to you then it actually happens. If we don't have the capability then we run after the capability, if we have the capability then we run after the possible result, in both cases the problem is in running, stop running. This race is the only race where we win by stopping for the moment we have in our hand, not running for things which are not in our hand.

The problem with all those "inspirational sayings - Live the life to the fullest - is the moment we read them - 1) If we read them and we get excited then it means just before reading them we were bounded, we were not happy from something and then by reading this we see a clue to become free and then we feel happy - 2) We mess it up at the very next moment as now we have a new target to run after - Living the life to the fullest! We do everything except understanding what it could possibly mean, we don't listen to it... we intercept it. And the same thing is with all possible goodreads, we always have our interpreters on, we don't read them, we read ourselves. If something really transforms us then only one thing is true - it is never going to be easy, it is never going to be in our comfort zone, it would be something that we will remember for our lifelong duration as it will be really painful, even after moving away from that shit telling us that borrowed motivational thing that inspires us for a moment. All inspirations are false sense of achievements until we act upon them. I see people, sometimes I do it myself when I don't know what it means to say yes... I say yes, as I have been through it, without knowing what actually it is, knowing the thing is something, and experiencing it in your own way is an entirely different thing.