More we try it, more it becomes a mess

About a year ago I developed a good habit of keeping my thoughts always written. That became a goldmine for me to process what I had in mind at some point of time, but later it turned out that subconsciously I wanted to post them somewhere to get the unrealistic praise of smartness. Just right now I am processing those writing notes, and as I am reading them one by one, some writings are really meaningless to me. They seem like they have been written just for the sake of writing, having no central point to make, just unreadable and incomprehensible.

No wonder everything I write, is as comprehensible as I think it to be. Writing exactly the way you comprehend it in your mind is very hard and is a matter of practice and patience. To my amazement each time when I try to be it, it becomes a weird mess, it comes more in a more better way when I don't try to be it. It comes out more beautifully when it was not intended to become a 'scriben'.

How we comprehend something in our mind is not easy to explain we just do it, but when the moment comes to explain it to others, we just mention things without making clear contexts and understandings, a clear writing overcomes all these things and makes the exact point, no less no more. It doesn't mean we need to try to make it every time like that, more we try it more we make a mess, that's the beauty of it.