Your part is going to be solo

That moment of inspiration, so powerful that it is capable to define your whole life. It is so easy to affect yourself in a moment after pop culture and really hard to keep yourself inclined towards doing it. Moments of inspirations are shared together, you have someone that tells you a story of success, you have people around you listening to the same thing, sharing joy of happening something, acknowledging a new momentum that has the capability to do the same thing, it seems so easy, it feels like everybody will end up doing it in such a comfortable way, but when it comes the moment of really doing it you have to do it alone and that is really not an obvious thing to face.
Whether you are in a team or not, part played by you is going to be solo. If it is not solo you are not a production point, you are a consumption point, to really participate in creativity everybody has to play their own part alone and this is something nobody is going to tell you.