Real Growth for Everyone

The internet revolution, it has never been possible to construct things available today until unless some remarkable mutation of thoughts would have happened in history, we owe a lot to them. Evolution of ideas and constructs carry a big pattern. Some failed journeys, some theories which perspired and inspired others, and some curious who wanted to enquire further, and some other who wanted answers and finally something happens that evolves along the journey and everyone can relish the progress made so far.

We evolve, mature and die, consciousness has a basic strategy to preserve whatever it encounters, however at some point in our life we see others dying, being mistreated, killed brutally and yet not learning something from their demise because each time it is happening with them, not with us. The standpoint is from us, it is not from them. If at the very basic we try to think what has everything to do, we will find nothing, and yet everything is out of nothing. We cannot just sit and wait for that vanishing point to arrive when we will move into that unknown undefined side of life, of being nothing, a place where we have all begun, with no identity, no thoughts, no name and no face.

Encounter with the destination or a desire to stop, or say when we have done all sort of things we wanted- so what, so what if we reach there, what next, what is the thing that has to be attained eventually, and even if we achieve, where we will keep it safe, what we would like to demonstrate, how and to whom. Ironically this thought, yet is seems very depressing or unproductive but not enough to stop somebody, indeed it is not intended to stop someone, in fact it enquires the basic question what is that we are seeking for eventually. Walking over a long path for a long time when everything is smooth fools us believing that everything is stable, and we live like mortals. Yet the time span we have is finite but when we start to understand journey which we are on suddenly it turns out that it is infinite within its each second we think and live.

I live in such ambiance where technological advancements are rich, ironically definition of advancement is understood in terms of richness of artificial devices, useful for us may be when we are looking for galaxies light years away or may be for killing people on globe itself, applied sense of advancement has never been considered in terms of advancements of society and it has never been about its people or humanity. If we throw a glimpse over the history every technical triumph has always to do with variety of conditions and many different people. Each triumph has evolved over theories already discovered in past putting all dots together. Thought when expressed cannot be associated with just one person, it can be taken away by someone and can be evolved over the time for the overall use of humanity. I wonder what it would be like when everybody on planet will be united in such a approach that is just 'one' in all sense, the real advancement.