Actually doing is totally different

An actual scheme of really doing something is much better than vague ideas of doing something. We always have more better plans what can be done, but actually they are like unclear milestones setup earlier. Actually defining the action point, the real next step that is really doable is the original way of doing something, small or big .. doesn't matter, there is only one way of doing something, and that is really doing it. Pre optimization is not only a curse to product development but also to our vague knowledge gaining schemes, there are many many unresolved, unrealistic planes those never complete, and when we really start something again in a new way we end up doing again the optimization may be because as compared with the big gigantic plan of really big keywords at really big scale we have in our mind, the 'small' step of really doing something seems so small that we never count that. We can have endless imagination about what we can do, but to do something really we need no imagination, in this context a vision and an imagination is totally different approach. If you dream and dream but really never do it it is not a vision. At some point in space-time travel of our life we are capable of doing something, but instead of doing it just thinking about doing wastes lots of things. He can't do what I can do - is just a matter of time. The only thing which matters is the time window when you started and how you did.