Resistance is a part of this game

I still feel pity on how someone's efficiency is measured in terms of how good his academics are. During graduation I always wanted to do something different other than what is usually expected from a graduate, I had keen interest in writing computer programs to solve real world problems, and I always don't like others telling me what code to write, how to write it and what tools to use, if startups was one way to keep that thing intact I was keen for it, but status quo was to attend some fortune 5000 company. I can remember that there was immense pressure on me that time, at one side I was forcing myself internally to keep expectations of my loving ones and join the placement I had in my hand, other side there was something which was really crazy .. that is to go for a wild path - for a startup. Starting something which is your own is not that easy as it sounds like, we always have wrong assumptions about realities and patterns, but who cares. I chose a startup, I stood against the status quo, result was abdication. I wish it could have been easy to decide for me to go for a startup, it affects you when mentally you feel separate from your loving ones, eventually things will be right, everyone will be happy at the end of the movie. Other way of thinking it that this resistance is a part of this game. However it is all turning into greater good for me, and I take it as my accomplishment that is my own.

The real problem of any curious mind is he doesn't know what he doesn't know. Once you put the label on you that you are done you stop evolving. Being good at computer stuffs once I had this thing in my mind that I know enough that resulted into some real big crisis. Same thing happened when I was on my first startup, we thought it's an technical achievement, but we were living within a hypothetical barrier that was completely self created. I wish I could have the capability to test all these things on some real plane. It is always hard to challenge your own beliefs and ego. I wish I could have done it earlier, and I take it as a failure of mine.