Talks are really cheap

I love thinking about it,

Something which is very obvious is talked too much and still nobody gets it. Something which is very important and told again and again with the emphasis of an unspoken superiority claim by the speaker but still nobody gets it. These things are like the sign boards we see a lot daily but rarely we read and rarely comprehend, yet day after day we acknowledge people talking about these same signs again and again.

These sign boards are only important for those coulds, shoulds and woulds. No matter how much awareness you want to create you are just an intellectual entertainer, entertaining this audience and yourself. Somebody who really wants to do never thinks about these things and doesn't even care about the word 'process', for him just jumping into and finding out what can be done, finding out the way which was never there, never seen is the real thing which works.

This is why your editor doesn't even matter when you have nothing to code,
This is why your code doesn't matter when your product doesn't close any sale,
This is why your words don't matter if they haven't been there and done that,
This is why contentment and happiness never appears doesn't matter how much you talk about it,
This is why your voice and idea doesn't spread, doesn't matter how many coulds, shoulds, woulds often listen to it,
This is why your expertise doesn't even count if you don't use it to get things done,
This is why smartness fades up doesn't matter how much N log N you can do,
This is why talk is cheap,
and this is why really doing the non obvious is hard and nobody talks about it.