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Nobody knows exactly who this Godot is. The word sounds like God, but it only sounds, and in fact the gods you are waiting for are all Godots. You have created them because one has to wait for something, otherwise how will you tolerate existence? For what? How will you postpone living? How will you hope? Life will become intolerable, impossible, if there is nothing to wait for. Somebody is waiting for money, and somebody is waiting for power, and somebody is waiting for enlightenment, and somebody for something else; but everybody is waiting.


Lets not call it philosophy as it narrows down the horizon in which we want to explore as any answer will be biased. I don’t have any inquisitive or philosophical mind, labelling it itself will kill the meaning of this exploration. Talking about zen and the mainstream of this small post - ‘Are you sure you got it’, boils down to this fact that your own experiences are bigger than any fact.

I know, I got it

Nature of an idea is very simple. We seek for the people who have done it, if we are lucky and find some then we seek for the process, patterns behind it, then we discover a whole club of people who are trying to do the same thing, we go to them and listen to them, and may be we aspire to become some.

On Change

A sharp turn of life changes many things altogether, you suddenly feel yourself at the edge of all those things you were into before, probably now disliking them and now you are an outsider at once.

Your perspective towards them changes suddenly, you tell yourself that you could have done better. The situation seems completely reverse of what was it moments ago that almost seemed infinite. Probably these are the symptoms of change.

State of Javascript client side error tracking

I made a rant about javascript error logging state of the art :

1. Interesting Hacker News discussions -
a) Rescue.js : Not in production now, but thread is interesting to read -
b) How to do it with google analytics:

2. Products and methodology -
a) Sentry : Looks very promising but not free :,


Rejections are such beautiful things. You never dream of what could go wrong and if you put together it with the randomness of events happening then you might think more like a pessimist. Rejections are sudden and the obvious next step is to perform postmortem of events and justifications hidden behind them.

More are the people ..

I have been thinking over these things for quite a long time. And it makes them legitimate to appear here -

1. As soon as you start to get the context of a product/project and people behind the product it all seems easy and obvious. But the important thing is how they have been able to carry out it for so long. Capability to estimate early is a good thing but if we just stop here, it might be more good to validate our assumptions.

The worst case

Startups dream for the big, no one would say that he is doing because he just want to do it, he wants it to get big. The ultimate thing is to learn that any type of estimation of success is a severe waste of time, and it happens more if your burn rate is high. Stories of people who succeeded at the last moment are rare, the truth is if they had not, they would have done something else to succeed or would have changed the definition of their success parameter.

Ship Something

When you are down, totally missing the connection just remember one thing - only doing what you know matters. I know that time when you are feeling low, looking at the heights out there in world, but for you it is your work that would help.. not to achieve those heights, just to keep walking.
So remember this word - Production ... again - Production not consumption. Do something, write some code, write some documentation of your project, push something on github, solve a code puzzle, and most important - Ship something ... again - Ship Something.

Write it down

When you are in really powerful state of your mind, writing down your thought process really helps you for the upcoming unknown down times. These low situations are common when you forget who you are and what you are up to. Whatever projects at the moment you are working on, can have a separate thought process 'readme' files, and whenever you reach at some conclusion after a brainstorming, write it down.