Lets not call it philosophy as it narrows down the horizon in which we want to explore as any answer will be biased. I don’t have any inquisitive or philosophical mind, labelling it itself will kill the meaning of this exploration. Talking about zen and the mainstream of this small post - ‘Are you sure you got it’, boils down to this fact that your own experiences are bigger than any fact.

Now on a ‘philosophical’ base [ Warning- personal thoughts ahead ], you cannot separate yourself from the whole, your existence, you as you are not you, in fact you are the whole, you cannot separate yourself from the whole, everything lies in you, inside out. So anything which talks about this whole can be easily related, its not targeted, it is in natural relation with something which we cannot put into logic. Now if you try to understand from the ‘I’ perspective, why this story relates with me, you don’t get it, in other moment if you try to understand from the whole part of it, it can be easily related with anything.

On a social base don’t you think that in our life we have learned so much from the anti-patterns, from so called the people who try to throw their own opinions on us, we learned even from those bad hints, why, because we were open, we were receiving signals, no matter how bad these were, we always thought that it will do something good to us, help us reach where we wanted to reach, that is the acceptance to something, at the end of day if nothing happens, we at least learn what to ignore, that means you can relate even the opposite side of it, so if I say it happened in this manner, you would say it relates with me as it didn't happen in this manner with me, it was totally opposite.

On a ‘paradigm’ note, there are certain paradigms we are not even aware of, nothing bad about it because we do and take actions believing the rationality of us ( in general and not counting exceptions ), but just by challenging our own beliefs continuously we discover lots of other ‘views’ of reality which we never thought of. And in fact having awareness of the presence of unknown paradigms not in your knowledge is your conscience and your desire to find them is your smartness. So you relate by saying that - hmm this may be my solution.

Finally on a ‘common sense’ not, why do we love certain movie characters or like some certain songs, because we see us in them, or them in us, or see a song singing our own story of hidden emotions. So this whole pattern is like K-mean nearest neighbour algorithm, we find common things which can be related with us and start loving them. We get to them and build our ‘zone'. Realise it when you are travelling, you go to a particular station, on a particular platform and on a particular time and on a particular travel class and voila, you discover lots of other similar people.

So it's not like it relates with you, if you are looking for something then only you see it and in fact then only you 'can' see it. So in a Russel peter's show you are there to laugh, and in a magician’s show you are expecting a magic feel, it doesn't mean that they are not doing something, they are doing their job and you are yours … relating, seeing, laughing and amazing yourself.