I know, I got it

Nature of an idea is very simple. We seek for the people who have done it, if we are lucky and find some then we seek for the process, patterns behind it, then we discover a whole club of people who are trying to do the same thing, we go to them and listen to them, and may be we aspire to become some. In all this happening the most subtle part is not that we have listened enough, have we got everything to start but have we understood the exact point the story teller wanted to make, the only difference in between what had to be perceived and what we actually did, exists only because we were thinking different, we already had our plans, we didn’t clear enough to fill the new. In fact when we are on quest every fact is like an artistic poem, one can have his own meaning, so it is always good to know the poet and his actual point he wants to make from his own point of view, otherwise everybody knows everything, everybody is resourceful, everybody listens carefully, very few get it correct.