Rejections are such beautiful things. You never dream of what could go wrong and if you put together it with the randomness of events happening then you might think more like a pessimist. Rejections are sudden and the obvious next step is to perform postmortem of events and justifications hidden behind them.

Rejections are simple in nature but complex if you have been emphatic, going through a mind of creator and there is no place of such chance because happening is obvious, not happening is something which creation never encounters. Rejection is a power, myriad actions which can ignore many many things as it has the responsibility and power of determining and categorizing. There are always two sides, two choices of events. You look for the side what you think is the best, deciding the best for you is a problem because you have been serious, if it's a play it could be more like fun.

Rejections are the aftercoming truth with bewilderment which brings the real taste much after when they happen, even if it is obvious nobody would want to face such case. The one which is sought after is aspired to be instantaneous, if not then it's definitely a rejection event if it brings the real party.

Rejections are powerful.. much more powerful than that automated moment of inspiration where you saw things happening easily. The giant echoing hall, the gathering of people bringing all those happening moments together with them and you stand up there with that ubiquitous unavoidable shine in your eyes because it's a moment where you no longer remember this word. Learning and listening to all those adjustments they made so that you also never encounter it further, forgetting that adjustments are much bigger rejections.

Rejections are experiments with outcomes and there is much more possibility of having strange outcome if the experiment is one of its own kind. Things which you consider as the acceptance are pulling you back as if you cannot muster up the courage to taste the every possibility including unacceptable ones, those you name as your rejections.

From the very first point creativity starts rejecting which has been possible so far, known so far. Creation is an ultimate rejection which might not have been possible before. Associating creation with rejection is unconventional as something cannot be dreamed which is not known, even if it encounters you.. you won't be able to recognize it until you reject what has been known. It will terrify you but fortify you at the same time, will make your further outcomes much more prone to rejections. You won't be able to settle even if you want.. but that is the only moment when you create.