On Change

A sharp turn of life changes many things altogether, you suddenly feel yourself at the edge of all those things you were into before, probably now disliking them and now you are an outsider at once.

Your perspective towards them changes suddenly, you tell yourself that you could have done better. The situation seems completely reverse of what was it moments ago that almost seemed infinite. Probably these are the symptoms of change.

When you wait for a change that has now occurred in you, you can see for a moment both sides of it, one before it happened and another after it happens. What you remember from your memories, somehow becomes your past and something for which you are still making assumptions becomes your upcoming future. In between that it’s you and your livelihood that has been through all those things, that now you call your past.

Although you think that you had the complete control of what could have happened with you but as a whole you can feel that whatever happened to you was mostly because of all those unexpected events you never thought of. Among all these things there is always something new that is waiting for you.

Several times you are completely unaware of this phenomenon of new, but most of the times when you are ready for the new, at least you know that it’s going to be new. By loosing the control of something unexpected you have the only control over it and that is to let yourself through whatever comes. Sometimes you also surprise yourself by this attitude that how fast you adopt as you never want to go behind or stop in some sense.

The urge of getting through the new brings the most obvious answers to all of your unanswered questions. As a matter of fact, if you talk outside then it seems like that everybody knows all answers, your intellectual sense questions itself in confusion but somehow your inner self is strong enough to take the chance as you know that moment when something is very obvious to you, you know when you know it and you also know that it hasn't appeared yet, at least in front of you.

The more this become obvious, more you want to go deeper as you have always found a better version of your obviousness and in fact only that thing eventually have led you to this fact that more you know, more you know that you don’t know. Among all these thoughts, along with the time you start to understand that change is inevitable.