More are the people ..

I have been thinking over these things for quite a long time. And it makes them legitimate to appear here -

1. As soon as you start to get the context of a product/project and people behind the product it all seems easy and obvious. But the important thing is how they have been able to carry out it for so long. Capability to estimate early is a good thing but if we just stop here, it might be more good to validate our assumptions.

2. My concept is to design my own life, before dying living in your own way. The most prevalent question I face is why do I take care of obligations other people have towards each other and just because I am a part of them why do I also need to carry out things the same way.. senseless !

3. The approach to receive more and more information makes you to underestimate everything else or what has been really important for your real progress. Now what is important is really a hard contextual question to answer but one thing is sure if you are manically looking for important information all the time then you are not processing anything what you considered important earlier.. again senseless.

4. Those who feel affected or motivated by the lifetime work of geniuses are only concerned about them, but unfortunately more are the people who always look for the nationality, race, color and gender first.