Write it down

When you are in really powerful state of your mind, writing down your thought process really helps you for the upcoming unknown down times. These low situations are common when you forget who you are and what you are up to. Whatever projects at the moment you are working on, can have a separate thought process 'readme' files, and whenever you reach at some conclusion after a brainstorming, write it down. It may include what the problem was, what you thought earlier, what it really turned out to be, what were your pre-thoughts and what you realized later, what was the thought process and the most important part is - decisions, taken by you as a part of this process. Later it all will become a great resource for you. Doing it will always seem overdoing it and it needs a great amount of self discipline and writing down what you have been through after reaching at some conclusion seems like an overhead as you need to go through all over again for a while, but looking at the value it will provide it is worth writing down your state of mind. The best part of it when you come back some time later on this you don't need to remember where I was and what I was doing, every time this intangible substance which is a proof that you were up to something is always in front of you, it helps your morale, helps you to measure your progress, helps you to define clearly the state and reiterate the agenda of project and you can always easily determine and directly pick up the next doable task on that project.