Ship Something

When you are down, totally missing the connection just remember one thing - only doing what you know matters. I know that time when you are feeling low, looking at the heights out there in world, but for you it is your work that would help.. not to achieve those heights, just to keep walking.
So remember this word - Production ... again - Production not consumption. Do something, write some code, write some documentation of your project, push something on github, solve a code puzzle, and most important - Ship something ... again - Ship Something.
At the end of the day only doing matters. You can keep listening to those awesome talks, read saved notes, you can keep going through documentations and all those endless dreams, it's never going to be perfect. Your doing is the only reality you have at this moment, even if you think that some new habit is going to nourish your productivity, it would only happen if you raise the need of doing something, it's not going to happen by just keep looking for new habits.