Good ideas and bad ideas

So all those wise words, many dos and dont's, I always wonder how much proportion of these ideas I really use. At some point I have noticed myself suffering from this maniacal thought : I need to get all of those wise words, I don't need to miss anything otherwise I will not be able and competent.

On the contrary the truth is all those dos and dont's and all those smart ideas have originated from experiments, some of those experiments took whole life span of someone, but it is very hard to decide which one to pick and which one not. The moment we start differentiating in between a good idea and a bad idea our focus becomes to filter good and bad ideas rather than using them in our experiments.

We remember things more vividly if they impact us with an emotional aspect. We live an idea which solves our problem, which connects with us, which has something to do with us. The idea which changes our life was originated from the same problem, we are in right now.

The point is we don't understand the difference between what should affect us on its own and what should we consume to affect ourselves (or to mimic the affect). That day when some idea or some tip really helped us then a conscious mind arrived in us telling that if this one simple idea or hack can help us that much then I must need to go through all of them. Sadly that doesn't really help. One idea which helps us is because we are at some pain point or having some real world problem. Will it be feasible to read all solutions available before encountering any problem, or mastering all those legalities to be the perfect man to handle all those problems which haven't occurred at all, it's better to have problems first.