The super comparison theory

I hope you are aware of Indian way of labeling an automobile product "Mileage kitna deti hai (What is the mileage of this car)", there is also a common way of measuring a guy like me in his twenties how good he is by asking 'How much he can earn per month'. There also exists an euphemism, i.e. people don't ask you directly instead they would ask you insanely 'kya karte ho (What do you do)' and they directly mean " What is your value proposition (Probably in potential marriage market ?)".

And furthermore there is also a common pattern, I call it 'The super comparison theory', it also happens on social occasions and even among friends, acquaintances. The first asks second what he does, after answering the second, the first guy who asked the question in his mind measures his 'performance index' by making a comparison based on his cognitive understanding of sociological parameters, this doesn't seem good to me, and I often refrain encountering such people.

If you leave people the way they are and stop labeling them, it is immediately obvious that everybody is unique, obvious and doing best he or she can do. It's not something they are, it is something your mind is telling you. 'The super comparison theory' is an unconscious way of satisfying personal egos, nothing else, even sometimes when it becomes quite evident as more often you do this, you look stupid in front of people who understand this.

I observe this much more, because I put a label of 'software entrepreneur' with my name and end up showing some consulting portfolio, and really nobody gets it what I do until I tell them how much I earn. Some people even question why the hell I sit in my working room all the day without any standard affiliation those are well understood, sometimes on vigil, people in my neighborhood think that I am a retard person with some sort of social phobia. This post is not intended to yell out at them, in fact I understand it is quite obvious and it would happen more and more, the less you notice these people and their mindset more you feel better, productive and happy. The basic theory is to drive yourself by your own intuitions not by expectations of other people who think something specific about you and want you to become something just for satisfying their egos and their personal theories. When you start to understand people's personal theories, you start to understand hypothetical limits created by them for you, and sadly when you find yourself doing what is expected out of you, you also find yourself behind these big ego walls of people who have nothing to do with your vision and objectives, yes go ahead and break them.