Less rules, more life and then just the life

Too many things to define what is possible and what is not,
Too many rules to understand before we understand algebra,
Too many rules about what is good and what is bad,
Too many guides about what should be done and what should not.

We cannot understand something by just understanding rules in some sequence that don't belong with us, the more realistic way is by developing a personal hypothesis first and experimenting it against rules as they arrive from outside because it's not about rules that explain something, it's about our own models. Rules are subsets of these models which have infinite possibilities to add more rules, the explanation of the way it behaves. Until we are able to sense something, it's futile to go through rules again and again, we just know them, we don't sense, and until we sense them we are not able to work with the model to derive something new from it, as we don't own a personal integrated instance of it.
For example visualizing addition of two numbers can be easy for us 3 + 5, but it can be hard to do so with 5 remainder 3 .

We sense a model by visualizing rules about it and while adding a new rule we make sure it conforms with our own set of visualization. We develop its nature by unexplored learning, then a new coming rule becomes an experiment to test the existing model we have in our mind, if it works and validates our theory then we can work out with that rule anytime, if it doesn't work with our model, instead proves it wrong ( with respect to our own definition of right ), then we don't add this rule in our mind, we improve the model to explain the new rule we have just encountered.

A set of rigid rules is always there to explain something that can be visualized in nature or the way it behaves in certain condition, it is never about some fix number of rules, they come as a side product, in fact they can be generated anytime, so it implies in this context that experience wins over horizon of knowledge, if we know something about it doesn't mean we have worked through it and to our amazement when we work through something what we had thought was fine, a whole new world opens to us.