What is extra

We are constantly learning and we always want to learn. It's not a choice though, you may argue that lethargic souls living out there who have decided not to learn anything have this choice, but however they are still doing their best to find shortcuts, learning them, they just want things to happen and this is the reason they look for a quick explanations or say shortcuts without having no integrity with a standard rationality.

I wonder even though I have a clear objective that has clear intentions, clear goals, why do I pick many other things that has nothing do with it in between and I also wonder what if I achieve the state where I am just for the goal and my every activity is for the goal, does skill or echo-system still matter.

If we stop worrying about the natural capacity of reflectivity then we start wondering about is there any external matter which eats some of light which could have summed up its part in final reflection, here comes the domain of all those extra things I am thinking about. And why you should worry about is because it has direct implications on our productivity.

When I was on my first venture right after graduation, I thought it won't be a good idea to take a day off, because staying idle with a concern in your head that you are wasting your time either forcefully or with a thought that may be in this period, you can have out of the box ideas, intentionally or desirably because you want some air or insights into you head what you are up to and ironically I have acknowledged my self doing other things more and more without agreeing that I needed a small pause to test and measure the progress. And dictionaries have a word for this state - procrastination.

The idea of procrastination is so subtle that even if you think that you are not into that, you will find yourself doing that if you ask yourself honestly. Have you found yourself caught up in doing something interesting, has it something to with your objectives, but you don't find it doing wrong either because you also have other concerns as well and sometimes amidst them you discover something that makes your life easy, but what about the current thing, is your attempt half hearted, can you clearly make a point that your pseudo procrastination has really something to do with objectives present at that time. I understand that the biggest excuse can be the term spontaneity but in this regard this has more to do with the liberal aspect of yourself so that you can make required changes to attain the desired result and still keep yourself free from whatever you are doing, but not in the middle, in fact at some right time.

What are those extra stuffs and why I keep doing that, as I said if am just doing that, which has only to do with my current objective then the reflected light will be with the highest intensity it could have. I slightly find that there is no clear list of things I can avoid because sometimes when we are into those randoms stuffs we suddenly discover something which has really something do with our objectives and makes our life easy, and but the worse thing is when we start subtly knowing this same fact, we cannot avoid the urge of doing other things more and more. What is the solution, I think in this way - while writing all this mess of thoughts on this post if I had thought that I should do the extra work of improving my subjective vocabulary, the words I am going to use while writing this post, or the cultural understanding of my potential users, I am going to loose the basic sense surrounding this post. But at some point when I am not writing I can spend some dedicated time improving my words and understanding that has nothing do with any writing at that moment, and next time when I would write I can start using it.

This explanation doesn't query into what exactly these things are, there is no physical boundary and this has to be defined on our own, what you think it can be. At some point we have certain capacity to process thoughts, do I sound pessimist, I said 'at some point' and this has nothing to do with what you can do to make your thought process more intense, my point is to make myself and you understand that let's stop processing unnecessary information.